About us

“ROSHANI” is a not-for-profit social foundation working with a vision of providing equal access to growth opportunities for the deprived section of our society. 

We see people around us who are underserved, but not undeserving.We also realize that the problem of underserved families is not only economic poverty but also absence of social support systems and socio-cultural atmosphere.Through Roshni we aim at empowering them to avail of opportunities available in various fields. We do so through holistic approach of guidance and counselling for vocational skills and financial assistance that enables  them towards a suitable career path. This we believe will uplift them not just economically but also socially.

Our underlying objective is to reach out to deserving youth from low income communities and to guide them towards dignified living.  With education and skill training as a medium, we aim to help them grow as strong individuals by directing them towards opportunities for a sustainable livelihood.