Our Approach for Livelihood counselling and Self reliance

Roshni is based on model that ensures that beneficiary is supported through counselling and mentoring to select the right career path.  Ongoing Counselling and mentoring  would be provided from selection of right education or skill based vocational training, to admissions and subsequent placements that would lead them towards sustainable livelihood. We have identified below elements to focus on for each individual 


  1. Counselling to identify the right path    
    • Map their interest, capability and social situations
    •  Identify the right courses and institutes based on the availability, capability and interest
  1. Enabling Admissions 
    • Guide them in necessary paper work, timelines, process etc
    • Facilitate their admissions as required
  1. Tracking for completion 
    • Regularly tracking their progress 
    • Assess and provide counselling, Financial support  or any other help 
  1. Ongoing support for sustainability 
    • Continuous counselling for placements and beyond
    • Keep communication channels open for them and encourage them to contribute back to ROSHNI through their skills or time. 

We also aim to create an ecosystem for people all across the world to contribute towards our mission of inclusiveness with their skills, time or money.

In order to achieve our goal, we partner with NGOs, government institutions, individuals, educational institutions and social enterprises. With these partnerships, we identify individuals who need counselling or financial assistance and whose backgrounds have been verified and validated. Our collaboration with private sector, nonprofit organizations and other ecosystem stakeholders also helps us in having access to various courses for our beneficiaries and ensuring placements for them. We ensure that all individuals and partners we work with are validated by us for their genuineness and their need for aid / support.