Our Approach on Financial Literacy and Enablement

Financial literacy is the first step to achieve financial inclusion. There is a pressing need to spread financial literacy to India’s poor in order to enable their financial inclusion.

Our main objective is to spread awareness on the available govt and private schemes which focus on upliftment of the weaker section of society. We provide education to people on basic money management skills which includes savings, spending, health and life insurance, pension, loans and investment. This helps them to stay financially healthy.

Merely opening physical accounts as flag posts for a financial identity won’t help unless they are actively used by people for managing their money. For this, people need to be made cognizant of how to handle their bank accounts. it is a combination of financial awareness and discipline necessary to make sound financial decisions and achieve individual financial wellbeing.


  1. Counselling to strengthen financial wellbeing
    • Understand their income, social situations and requirements 
    •  Identify the right financial schemes based on the availability, capacity and requirements
  1. Enabling enrollments in various schemes
    • Guide them in necessary paper work, timelines, process etc
    • Facilitate in opening bank accounts and subscribing to financials instruments like insurance, fixed deposits, government provided schemes
  1. Ongoing support for sustainability
    • Guide them on how to monitor and sustain their financial investments
    • Keep communication channels open for them to seek guidance in future